Webinar: Building Communities


This week, Scott Pond of the Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum joined us to talk about the ways that he has benefitted from being part of communities and used his own skills to help others benefit from the communities he built.

MentorCore Members can access the two Infographics based on the material in the talk. They can be downloaded here:

  • [memberful_download_link download=’7169-building-communities-infographic’]Building Communities[/memberful_download_link]
  • [memberful_download_link download=’7170-maximizing-community-infographic’]Maximizing Communities[/memberful_download_link]

If you are a member and are not logged in, you will be asked to do so to access the infographic.

Infographics are also available in the Infographic Island forum within the MentorCore Community, a resource also available to all MentorCore members to post ideas, share and feedback with other. 

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Photo by Derek Liang from StockSnap

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