MentorCore Connect on Sept 24th: Learn About Your Brain and Meet MentorCore Members


Registration is now open for the September 24th MentorCore networking event entitled, “Networking, Connecting and Communicating with the Brain in Mind.” We are joined by Julie Loosbrock of Reignite the Soul to give us a primer on how you can take the opportunity you have in this time of change and transition to maximise your impact through networking, connecting and communicating with the brain in mind.

Here’s a taste of the talk from that evening, which will be followed by live Q&A with Lisa Beth, Dan and Julie and breakout sessions to meet and speak with other MentorCore members and attendees about the topic of the night using our virtual platform.

This event is included as part of your MentorCore membership and available for non-members at a cost of $20. Or better yet, join MentorCore now and get this and all of our other paid events at no cost, in addition to the member community forum. MentorCore members will receive an email with their personalised coupon code to register at no cost.

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