Webinar: A Field Guide to Compliance & Ethics Careers


St. Thomas School of Law Director of Organizational Ethics and Compliance Colleen Dorsey spent an hour with us to chat about the world of Compliance and Ethics careers. We covered wide-ranging topic including the ethics of artificial intelligence and machine learning, certifications vs formal education and when each is more beneficial, industry networking groups such as The Emerging Compliance & Ethics Leaders (ECEL) and more.

MentorCore members also receive access to a [memberful_download_link download=’8048-field-guide-to-compliance-and-ethics-careers-bundle’]downloadable bundle[/memberful_download_link] containing Colleen’s A Student’s Field Guide to Compliance & Ethics Careers which walks through details of a career in the compliance field, including information on necessary education and expectations for jobs, how to expand your network and lots more. Also included in the bundle are two resources from Colleen including an AI/ML Risk Assessment Checklist and Helpful Resources on AI/ML. If you are a MentorCore member, you may be asked to [memberful_sign_in_link]log in[/memberful_sign_in_link] to access the content bundle. If you are not already a member, [memberful_buy_subscription_link plan=47186-mentor-plus]join now[/memberful_buy_subscription_link] and get immediate access to this and all the other members-only content, the community forum, and more!

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