Webinar: The Benefits of a Non-Linear Career, AKA “The Untitled Lisa Fine Project”


Many of us grow up with the expectation from both society and ourselves that we will take a path through career that is made of roles with progressively increasing responsibility, titles (and pay). But the reality is that most careers don’t follow this path, and sometimes taking a detour from this expectation can be both necessary and beneficial.

This week, we were joined by Lisa Fine, Director of Compliance at Pearson, and one half of the duo that is the Great Women in Compliance Podcast. and author of the recent book Sending the Elevator Back Down: What We’ve Learned From Great Women in Compliance.

Lisa shared her own non-linear career path, how taking a “pause” came about, what she learned by doing it, and how she continued the career path afterward. The example that is set by Lisa and others who take this increasingly common (but not often spoken about) path help describe the benefits, the challenges, and the things to think about when considering your own non-linear track.

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