Webinar: Don’t Let Compliance Become the Enemy of Ethics


History can remind and teach us so much, and who better to help us see this than Rabbi Yonason Goldson? In this week’s chat, we cover a wide array of topics with Rabbi Yonason that are inspiring and contextual to business and life. Just a few of the things we covered are:

  • The benefits and challenges of effectively communicating and speaking to groups in a Zoom-first world
  • The evolution of standards of respect and the value of ethics and values in our society
  • How we can learn and create parables from what we learn (vs. the alternative), and how we can apply to ethics.
  • How we can each go about helping to repair the world by starting small change
  • Looking at challenges, problems from all sides before determining a position
  • How do ethics and compliance relate to each other in modern business

Rabbi Yonason’s recent book, Grappling with the Grey, is available now!

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