Webinar: People Over Profits: The Rise of Gen Z


Generational differences are no strangers to the modern workplace. For the last 50 years colleagues have thought of different generations in different ways, and adjusted working styles to accommodate and account for the change in the most important values and attributes of each new group. The most recent group to join the workplace, and do so with massive numbers, is Gen Z, those that were born in the late 90s’ to the early 2010’s.

Nick Gallo, Co-CEO of Compliance Line joined us to talk about Gen Z and the differences that need to be considered as this generation continues career growth into significant leadership roles, and reshapes the working cultures of the businesses around us. An insightful dialogue with Nick paints a very good picture of what to keep in mind as we see more Baby Boomers leave the workforce, Generation X and Millennials continue to grow and Gen Z becomes a driving force in business over the coming years.

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