Webinar: Re-inventing Yourself: Frightening, Exciting or Both


Many of us grew up under the impression that a career path was either destined or linear. And this was supported by the fact that people looking at candidates didn’t always respond positively to people who changed companies, jobs or titles in nonstandard ways. The reality is that you can change your career, your topic of focus or more and it’s likely to be just fine!

Our guest this week was Amee Sandhu, the founder of Lex Integra. Amee brought her own experience of reinventing herself a few times over through her corporate in-house career, as she embarked on establishing her consultancy and building a successful B-Corporation. Amee’s shared her insights on the frequency of change, working with and through the fear of a change in role, along with the excitement of the challenge ahead.

The slides Amee used that present the fear and the excitement in context with each other are downloadable below:

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