Webinar: Tips for Getting to that All-Important Second Interview


You’ve polished your resume and submitted for an open position. You’ve had a call with the recruiter and scheduled an interview. You’ve had that first interview. What next?

We were joined this week by compliance professional and experienced hiring manager, Jacki Cheslow, Global Compliance Program Leader at IEEE, who shared her recommendations and answered lots of attendee questions along the way. From how to learn about the person you will interview with (and not move into the creepy territory of doing so), to the power of thank-you notes, Jacki’s experiences help each of us get through an increasingly challenging process.

Watch the replay to hear about the ethics of interviewing for roles that you don’t really want just for the practise, as compared to interviewing for jobs that you want but may not feel you are qualified for, presenting your true self to an interviewer, and balancing the way we use personal networks for introductions and assistance and how we each take care of those within our networks.

Jacki will be writing a blog post with answers to additional questions posed during the live session but that we didn’t have time to answer; we will post the link to that blog when it is ready!

Our apologies about the soft sound issues between minutes 11 and 19 – they resolve after that period, though!

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