Webinar: The Growing Professionalization of Ethics and Compliance


The field of Ethics and Compliance is not just growing in leaps and bounds, it is also maturing as it becomes more widely known and built into organisations around the world. With this coming-of-age and inclusion comes the need to have more defined and agreed upon ways to ensure some baselines and consistency in the practitioners in the field.

Our guest this week, Robert Mascola, Senior Director of Compliance Programs at Fordham Law, brings us a discussion on the various ways that Ethics and Compliance field is “professionalising” itself including topic-specific courses and related degrees, certifications and internal growth paths within businesses and organisation, and where the field is heading over the coming 10-20 years.

This discussion with Robert really helped us understand the paths being carved out by the field and will be very helpful to understand as practitioners and leaders navigate and carve similar paths within their own organisations.

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