Webinar: Maximizing Your Job Search: My Rollercoaster Journey to the Other Side


We have long posited (and no one has disagreed yet) that searching for jobs is not particularly fun. It is full of steps, processes, reactions and deafening silences that make the job seeker often feel like there is little hope of success. Our guest this week is Amy Landry, who recently completed a job search after her previous role was unexpectedly eliminated thanks to COVID-19. Amy’s experiences in this process echo those of countless others that have gone through a search, and she was kind enough to share them with us, along with the things she learned along the way.

After you’re done watching the discussion we had with Amy, go take a look at her writing. Amy blogged her experiences as they happened via LinkedIn and on the site of our friends at Corporate Compliance Insights. These are great reads and are her experiences are instantly relatable to anyone who has looked for a job in the recent past.

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