Webinar: If I Hear the Term “Pivot” One More Time…


In March 2020, the academic world was turned on its ear as the decisions were made to shift from in-person learning to remote learning (which is distinct from virtual learning, as I came to learn at that time). A key topic that came up throughout those transitions was the security and privacy implications of moving entire campuses and districts to work and study from off-campus.

Our guest this week is Dr. Jessica Knott, Assistant Vice President for Community Strategy, Experience, and Management at the Online Learning Consortium. Jess has previously held roles in instructional technology and learning design and was looking at the tools and connectivity challenges that went into this pivot to remote learning along with raising good questions about how security and privacy fit into the model both from a data protection view, but also from the preservation and assurance of equity in learning perspective.

Jess shared with us in this session her experiences and her view point on the role that security and privacy play in academics, and academic tech, and the challenges that institutions and districts face in making these part of their decision making when deploying technology or processes to support teaching and learning. She also shared some very fundamental advice she got from a mentor, but you’ll have to watch to find out what that advice is!

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