What’s New in 2022


A letter to the MentorCore Community,

First, and foremost, Happy New Year and welcome to 2022! Lisa Beth and I can not thank you enough for your support and your participation over the past year. We are so pleased with where MentorCore has come since we started in early 2020, but there’s still so much to do.

2021 brought many successes and challenges to our everyday work and personal lives, and have given us a lot to think about in this new year. This includes some changes to MentorCore, too. 

Beginning today, we are moving toward an even more open, inclusive MentorCore community that can support all those in the security, privacy, compliance, ethics, governance and risk fields that want to participate. We are doing away with our paid memberships and are making all our content and features available to all those who are in or want to be in this line of work.

Let’s have a look at what that includes:

  • To encourage active discussions and community, we are launching a MentorCore Slack for use by all those who want to chat with others in the community. Sign up using the button below:
  • MentorCore will return to weekly interviews and chats with leaders and members of the security, risk and compliance community (and beyond)
  • These weekly chats will be available in both audio and video.
  • The first episode of the audio podcast is now available on your favourite podcast applications with new episodes dropping on Thursdays at 9am Eastern US (GMT-0500).
  • The video edition is available now on the MentorCore YouTube channel starting on Thursdays at 9am Eastern (GMT-0500) beginning on 6 January 2022.
  • Recordings of all previous MentorCore events are also available on our YouTube channel and on our website (https://mentorcore.biz)

As a result, a few things will be going away including paid memberships, and the Discourse forum effective immediately.  

We will continue to be deeply involved in the Compliance Career Connection(https://www.corporatecomplianceinsights.com/compliance-career-connection/) and will be talking more about the MentorCore jobs page for all those who want to post a job they are hiring or to look for their next role working with fellow MentorCore community members.

We are working on ways for you to support the work going on at MentorCore via things like Patreon with special perks and paid Masterclasses on topics that are close to our hearts. Stay tuned for these in the coming weeks.

We want to send a huge thank you to those of you who have supported our passion over the past few years, both with your time and with your memberships. We truly appreciate each of you and are excited to make this turn to expand the reach and impact of MentorCore in 2022.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on these changes and the community as a whole. Why not sign up for Slack and bring those thoughts to our #feedback channel. And while you are at it, go over to the YouTube channel and subscribe, and then like a video or ten to help them get seen by even more people.

Special thanks to our Advisory Board members who have been instrumental in their ideas and feedback over the last few years. We count on these folks to be our sounding boards and our inspiration: Tiffany Archer, Wendy Badger, Barbara Boehler, Kelly Paxton, Mary Shirley, Samantha Simms, Rishi Singh, and Erik Wille. Reach out and say thanks to them, too!

Thanks for being part of MentorCore. Here’s to a wonderful 2022 for our community, and to growth in careers and leadership across the industry!

Dan and Lisa Beth

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