Podcast 05: Courtney Kamlet – Connecting with Your Board of Directors


About the Episode:

This week, we welcome Courtney Kamlet, Corporate Secretary at Vontier to the show. With the general topic of connecting with your board of directors, Courtney shares her insights on:

  • What are the topics that will be big in the boardroom in 2022?
  • Does ESG have broad-based visibility and acceptance by boards yet? What can the community do to continue to elevate that topic?
  • Wellbeing in the context of one’s self and the organisations we are part of
  • Preparing ourselves and those around us to be ready to work in a new normal, remote or hybrid work environment
  • How can people in the “corporate guardian” professions most effectively communicate with and present to their board of directors

And, of course, the best advice that Courtney ever got from a mentor.

Check out Courtney’s podcast, “Women Governance Trailblazers” on a podcast app near you! https://womengovernancetrailblazers.buzzsprout.com

Thanks for listening!

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