Podcast 00 – Lori Crever – Protégé Power


Our guest this week is Lori Crever, the author of an amazing book, Protégé Power (https://protegepower.com) that helps protégés better prepare, understand and benefit from the mentoring process. Over the course of the hour, Lisa Beth and Daniel chatted with Lori about:

  • How to find pairings of people that make sense to bring successful mentoring
  • How do you know you are ready for a mentor?What makes a great mentor?
  • How do you gain the credibility to have your mentoring advice taken seriously?
  • Vikas Narula episode – Influence
  • How to bring people into your network to act as your mentor?
  • What’s the elevator pitch to use when asking?
  • Characteristics and responsibilities of a good protégé
  • How do mentors hold protégés responsible for work and research in the relationship?
  • How to push back against what you see as bad advice from a mentor?
  • Advice for mentors on how to hold up that side of the protégé/mentor relationship.

This episode is unaired from last year due to technical issues with the original audio and video recordings. They have been painstakingly restored through space-age processes which let us bring you this special episode – which is just as fresh today as it was on the day we recorded it. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it with Lori!

You can find more information and all the ways to buy Lori’s book on her website https://protegepower.com Join our Slack community – https://bit.ly/mentorcoreslack. It’s free and open to all those in the security, compliance and risk fields, or those looking to become part of the community!

Show links with the details of articles, items we cover in the episode can be found on our website https://podcast.mentorcore.biz/00

Thanks for listening and watching!

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