Podcast 19 – Ryan Rene Rosado – You Want Your Own Justice League


About the Episode

Ryan René Rosado joins us this week to talk about her decade’s worth of journey into and through the field of information security. Ryan is a Demand Manager II at Optiv focused on managed cyber security operations across all industries. She also spent a significant part of her security career in the military intelligence space.

In this episode, we talk with Ryan about:

  • How time in or working with the military affects the path into private industry and how mentor(s) can make that transition easier,
  • Things about career growth and management expectations in the military that doesn’t happen the same in the private sector,
  • Available and recommended career resources for those transitioning from the military to the private sector (check out the show notes for links!).
  • Approaches on wellbeing for oneself and one’s team. Including some wise advise on how to ask and give people what they may need when they are not at their best.

And don’t forget that we also ask Ryan about the best advice she has ever received from a mentor.

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Thanks for listening and watching!

About the Guest

Ryan René Rosado is an enthusiastic Cybersecurity Professional with 10 years of experience. Ryan has led teams, and connected with clients, and stayed up to date with the trends to offer modernized and compliant solutions in the world of Cybersecurity. Ryan’s creativity and critical thinking stand out, whether in the articles she has published or the innovative business development solutions she has solutioned. She has held many leadership positions, including in EY’s Women in Cybersecurity and Young AFCEANs Chair. Ryan is driven to learn and execute in the cybersecurity arena. She began in cyber threat intelligence and has expanded through various capacities in cybersecurity to offer a well-rounded executive perspective to empower client’s and teams with their cybersecurity maturity and resilience.

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