Podcast 20 – Mary Shirley – Paying It Forward & Making The Time


About the Episode:

Howdy and welcome back to another MentorCore. We have a return visitor this week. Mary Shirley, who by day is the Head of Culture of Culture and Compliance Education at Fresenius Medical Care. But there is lots more to Mary than her primary job as she is also a podcaster (Great Women in Compliance Podcast), columnist for Corporate Compliance Insights and acclaimed author (Sending The Elevator Back Down: What We’ve Learned From Great Women in Compliance) Add to that, she is also a great friend and supporter of MentorCore.

In this week’s episode, we speak with Mary about:

  • Tone from the top in compliance training – from the CEO on down by having them in the training videos and lending their voice to the training.
  • The idea that CEOs are “a” voice, but not “the” voice that matters to colleagues.. so whose ideas and examples influence people the most closely at work?
  • How to make and keep time for paying it forward, and prioritising and ensuring there is time for the various commitments both in and out of work?
  • What should people keep in mind as they seek to enter the compliance field?

We also chat about what Mary is up to over the next few months (spoiler alert: more podcasts, a new book and more!) and as a returning guest we get to hear about the best advice Mary has received recently from a mentor (which interestingly came from another MentorCore guest – find out which one and on what episode!

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About the Guest:

Mary Shirley is a New Zealand qualified lawyer with 17 years of experience in the Ethics and Compliance profession. Over the course of her career she has served government, private and public organizations in five countries across four continents and has specialized in antitrust, data privacy and anti-corruption. She is the co-host of the renowned Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-author of multi award winning “Sending the Elevator Back Down: What We’ve Learned from Great Women in Compliance (CCI Press, 2020) and has been bestowed three ethics and integrity awards for her subject matter expertise and sending the elevator back down to the Ethics and Compliance community.

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