Podcast 22 – Rupert Evill – Entrepreneurial Risk


About the Episode:

Welcome to another MentorCore! We are joined this week by Rupert Evill, Founding Director of Ethics Insight. Rupert is a risk and compliance practitioner, a mentor, and entrepreneuer. In our discussion, we cover a lot of ground on all three topics including:

How to approach bringing a risk mindset into an organisation that may not have it yet
Going out on one’s own and starting a business: how to prepare, knowledge and skills-wise to make that change?
Mindset differences between bootstrapping vs getting funded when starting a business
What it takes to get a business through difficult times, including a pandemic, as an entrepreneur
How the act of mentoring others can be a help to oneself in times of difficulty

We also find out how Rupert maintains wellbeing in the workplace, and we hear one of the most straightforward and powerful “most valuable thing you’ve ever learned from a mentor” we have ever had on the show. Tune in to hear all about it.

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About the Guest:

Rupert Evill is the founder of Ethics Insight. He has 20 years of experience managing investigations, risk assessments, crisis response, and ethics & compliance advisory support across more than 30 sectors in 50 countries. Rupert has augmented his professional experience with further studies in Behavioural Analysis and Investigative Interviewing. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Rupert uses this training and frontline experience – having seen what works and what doesn’t – to inform practical and effective guidance to help organisations better predict, prevent, adapt and respond to risks. Rupert lived in Asia for 12 years and is now based in the UK.

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