Podcast 24 – Jarrell Oshodi – Get on the Training Train


Attorney, Privacy Practitioner, Government Employee, and Training Entrepreneur Jarrell Oshodi joins us this week for another MentorCore discussion. Jarrell is currently the Deputy Chief Privacy Officer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States.

Farrell, Lisa Beth and Dan get the chance to talk about:

  • Data subject rights’ move from FOIA requests to broader access to knowing what’s known about you
  • How we are doing on balancing the privacy of health research data and the broader sharing and availability of health research data for better outcomes
  • Training as a way to be proactive and further the privacy mission, and the importance of speaking “human”
  • What methods are most effective to improve understanding of training
  • What are the privacy topics resonating most with people today?
  • Turning a passion into an entrepreneurial venture

Jarrell also shares some excellent privacy pneumonic devices you can use yourself or with your team, as well as the best advice she has ever received from a mentor.

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