Podcast 25 – Michelle Beistle – Don’t Just Be An Add On


Michelle Beistle is the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer for the Nature Conservancy nature.org

International relations degree turned into a legal career turned privacy officer turned ESG leader Michelle Beistle, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer for The Nature Conservancy joins Dan this week for a MentorCore chat.

Michelle and Dan talk about:

  • Finding mentors early in your career
  • The decision process between consulting and in-house roles
  • Asking “who does this” function, the answer may end up being “you!”
  • The Push and Pull of Security and Privacy on each other in an organisation
  • The role of organisational mission and trust, and how we as “guardians” can help build trust
  • The rise and role of ESG in the world and why ethics is so important in modern society and organisations
  • How can you build an ethical culture within your organisation?

And it wouldn’t be MentorCore if we didn’t ask Michelle to share the best advice she has ever received from a mentor!

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