Podcast 27 – Reggie Youngblood – Continuously Learning


About the Episode

This week we are joined by Reggie Youngblood, Assistant Vice President in AT&T‘s Compliance Office. Reggie’s brings a very diverse career path to the discussion today to share with the community. Having been in . Some of the main topics we cover are:

  • How can multidimensional companies provide a breadth opportunities for employees to explore?
  • Why compliance is rarely boring? It’s such a broad, wide topic
  • How engineering is similar to compliance and how that applies to navigating your career path
  • How should someone look at managing their own career path vs expecting the organisation to manage their career path?
  • What types of reading and listening can help someone grow their leadership skills?
  • What is most exciting right now that are changing the compliance and risk professions?
  • How are compliance (and other guardian fields) undoing decades of misconceptions and historical habits about the field, and the role of compliance in the organisation?

And not to be missed is the best advice that Reggie has ever received from a mentor.

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About the Guest:

Reginald Youngblood is an Assistant Vice President in AT&T’s Chief Compliance Office and has a diverse background by working over 34 years in many different roles. He has spent the last 12 years working in the area of ethics and compliance. It has given him the opportunity to work on risk areas ranging from consumer product safety to environment, social, and governance (ESG). He is a leader who never stops learning and enjoys bringing groups together to practice proactive compliance. Reginald values partnering with the business to accomplish corporate goals. He has worked in marketing, network infrastructure, IT security, legal, and compliance.

Reginald enjoys spending time volunteering by helping elementary kids learn how to read, watching his garden grow, working with others to help them reach their full potential, and running in long-distance races (25 so far).

He graduated in 1987 with an Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University and is married with 2 adult children.

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