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Corporate Compliance Skills and Policing in America

04/14/2021 @ 14:00 - 15:00 EDT

About the session:

Corporate compliance professionals have a skillset and an understanding that need to be shared with other professions. We know how to take written and incorporate them into the day-to-day culture. Culture cannot be impacted by paper ethics and compliance policies alone. Rather, culture change takes place by concerted and deliberate efforts to translate policies into the day-to-day ordinary course of business activities by employees; and often involves getting buy-in from stakeholders that doing right benefits everybody. Wrong acts benefit nobody. There is an element of persuasion and discussion and teaching that is involved in corporate compliance. It’s more than just accountability, although accountability is a big part of corporate compliance. No question. But accountability, plus employee buy-in, work better. The Initiative co-founders used their understanding of corporate ethics and compliance, particularly the importance of cultural change, to enter into the space of law enforcement.

Nadine Jones will discuss The Initiative: Advancing the Blue & Black Partnership, why it was founded, and how the co-founders’ experiences as corporate executives and compliance professionals brought a different voice into the narrative of policing.

About the speaker:

Nadine Jones is a graduate of Howard University School of Law and a seasoned Vice President of a multibillion global logistics company. She is a collaborative leader, solutions-oriented, and has expertise in developing and maintaining a corporate ethics & compliance program for a logistics company. As a graduate of Howard University School of Law, Nadine also has a strong sense of social justice and equity. In June 2020, she co-founded along with two other Howard Law alumni an organization called The Initiative: Advancing the Blue & Black Partnership (“The Initiative”). The Initiative was established to end systemic police violence and implement a collaborative approach to building healthy, scalable, community policing models.