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Re-inventing yourself: Frightening, exciting or both?

02/10/2021 @ 13:00 - 14:00 EST

About the Event:

For many in the fields of compliance, security and/or risk, there may be no specific career path to lead to new and exciting careers.

Do any of these scenarios resonate with you:

Do you find yourself in a new role?

Have you been asked to take on a new role, or an additional role?

Are you shocked to find yourself in an area that is completely new to you?

Were you once an “expert” and now you are thrown into something where you have no experience?

Are you an early career employee without much experience surrounded by professionals with knowledge and expertise?

Perhaps you are more senior or more junior than everyone else on the team?

Finally, maybe you are thinking about starting a consultancy of your own.

Listen to Amee Sandhu share her experience about her various career shifts and the strategies that worked for her, and some that did not! She will share with you her strategies that worked for her to excel in an area that is new to you, obstacles to watch out for (Including ones you create for yourself), and how to recover from mistakes or getting off on the wrong foot.

About our speaker:

Amee is a lawyer and a certified ethics and compliance professional in Toronto, Canada.

Amee is Founder and Principal Attorney at Lex Integra PC, a firm that exclusively focuses on business law and corporate ethics. She helps clients reduce their legal and integrity risks by negotiating contracts, providing legal services, and building ethics and compliance programs. Before founding Lex Integra, Amee spent several years at major engineering and construction companies, with roles in legal, commercial, and integrity, including global head of commercial operations. She started her career as a corporate/ commercial associate at a law firm on Toronto’s Bay Street.

Amee frequently speaks on corporate ethics, anti-corruption law, and compliance programs.

She is a mentor with the Law Practice Program at Ryerson University and has taught business law at Ryerson University and Algoma University.

Amee is a board member of Transparency International – Canada; she is on the Law and Business Advisory Council at TRSM at Ryerson University.

Most recently, Amee joined the roster of Climate Governance Experts at the Canada Climate Law Initiative, a joint project of the University of British Columbia and York University, in partnership with the Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative, Oxford University.