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The Benefits of a Non-Linear Career

01/20/2021 @ 14:00 - 15:00 EST

Many people (especially those who like law, ethics and compliance) think of a career path as one – where you have a start point and a destination, and you can follow the map and a structure. However, many of us realize it is more like a hike, and one day, as the as Robert Frost said “two roads diverged in a yellow wood…” and in work, unlike the poem, sometimes you can take both roads. It could be an unexpected project, it could be a life change, and how do you make the best decisions.

Today, Lisa is a Director of Ethics and Compliance at Pearson, and also a co-host of the Great Women in Compliance podcast. At first glance, that may look like of a linear strategy but that is not the case! The twists and turns in Lisa’s path, starting from a law firm role and including work in disability advocacy, HR compliance, and even a break from the legal profession by working in a ski town, all led to a varied and interesting career, and now the podcast. In this discussion, Lisa will talk about what she learned by being open to different opportunities, and how the “Great Women in Compliance” podcast went from an idea to a career-changing initiative.

Mentors and your “Network”: In every role that Lisa had, she found mentors and advocates, and has maintained those relationships. These are the people who helped her build her career and have become colleagues and friends. There are traditional mentor/mentee relationships, but many others are also just as beneficial – whether it is a colleague new to your field who challenges assumptions, someone in another area who brings new skill sets to your world, or the person who can let you vent and help with perspective.

Raising Your Hand: while there are some people who know what they enjoy and what they want to do in their careers from the get-go, many of us learn what we like and what we are good at through different professional experiences. Also, organizations are constantly changing, and by volunteering for projects, you make yourself more valuable to your workplace, and can help out others

Building Your Professional Identity: This is something that is important, and will evolve as your career grows. Lisa will talk about the podcast, how it started, and how it has grown from an idea among friends to something much larger, and how it interacts with building a network and how raising your hand leads to some great things.

Lisa will be talking about her non-linear career, and hopes that some of her lessons learned can help the MentorCore community.

About our speaker:

Lisa Fine, CCEP-I, J.D., is the Director of Compliance for the Americas for Pearson Education. In this role, Lisa leads compliance for in the Americas and globally, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance and training, investigations, risk assessments and third-party due diligence. Before joining Pearson, Lisa was the Director, Global Compliance at gategroup, (the parent company for Gate Gourmet, the largest independent airline caterer) and an attorney in both the private and non-profit sectors.

Lisa is also one of the co-founders of the “Great Women in Compliance” podcast, which she co-hosts with Mary Shirley. This weekly podcast focuses on the diversity of the compliance community. Lisa and Mary have weekly discussions with exceptional women in compliance, men who are allies of women in the profession and roundtables.

Lisa received her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and her undergraduate agree from Tufts University. She lives in Washington, D.C.