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The Power of Connection – Bridging the Divide

12/03/2020 @ 15:00 - 16:00 EST

Vikas Narula joins us to discuss how human networks form, how silos are created and why bridging these divides is in our best interest.

About this Event

In this talk, we will see how human networks form, how silos are created and why bridging these divides is in our best interest – personally, professionally and societally.

Many of us work in hierarchies and take direction from higher-ups, but did you know that influence happens independent of hierarchy? In fact, hierarchy often gets in the way of influence.

Not only does this disconnect exist within organizations, it is rampant in society, both at the community and individual level.

In this session, you will learn about the power of influence and how it shows up in hierarchies, communities and our own life. You will learn about the fundamental principles of what makes people influential and how breaking down hierarchical, lateral and internal divides can help expand your influence and increase your chances of success in any realm.


  • See how networks form in real life and what that tells us about human dynamics
  • Get a small glimpse of your own network and how that informs your way forward
  • See how open, diverse networks are a bridge/opportunity to untold adventure and possibility

About Vikas Narula:

Vikas is an entrepreneur, speaker, facilitator, and blogger.

He is the creator and co-founder of Keyhubs – a software and services firm specializing in the power and wisdom of human networks, heightening awareness of self and others, and fostering connection. Since 2009, Keyhubs has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, smaller non-profits, and everything in-between. Their work has been featured in Pollen, Forbes, and The Financial Times.

He has presented at a variety of conferences and venues, including Commencement, TEDx, HATCH, and The World Bank.

He is also the founder of Neighborhood Forest – a social venture dedicated to giving free trees to school children every Earth Day. Since 2010, Neighborhood Forest has given away over 30,000 trees to school children in 15 states across America and Canada.

He lives with his wife, two boys, and dog in Minneapolis.