Podcast 28 – Tami Dokken – Mentors Come In All Shapes and Sizes


About the Episode

This week, we are joined by Tami Dokken, the Chief Data Privacy Officer at the World Bank. Tami’s storied career begins in law and continues into privacy.

  • Mentors and listening to them (or deciding not to take their advice)
  • The importance of having mentors of varying backgrounds, ages, and experiences
  • Career paths involving the law (or not) when considering privacy
  • Ideas to effectively share data privacy with your organisation and the community.

Data Privacy Day is January 28th and the World Bank is holding another in a long series of wonderful events this year. You can see the past agendas and more on their site including in-person events: [https://live.worldbank.org/event-finder?title=privacy&field_short_description_value=privacy&field_start_date_value=&field_end_date_value_1=&field_regions_target_id=All&field_topics_target_id=All]

Thanks for sharing your story, Tami. And thanks for sharing the best advice you ever got from a mentor, too!

About the Guest

Tami Dokken is the first Chief Data Privacy Officer at the World Bank, the world’s largest international development bank with 189 member countries and twin goals of ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity.

Ms. Dokken joined the World Bank in 2019 to develop and implement a first-of-its-kind privacy program to meet the requirements of the World Bank Group’s Policy on Personal Data Privacy. Prior to joining the World Bank, she was Head of Global Data Privacy and Protection at MoneyGram International, a financial services company with 350,000 agent locations in 200 countries.

Ms. Dokken is a licensed attorney with broad experience in private practice advising public and private companies on corporate law and compliance with regulation, holds certifications in privacy laws (CIPP-U.S. and CIPP-EU), and is a frequent speaker on personal data privacy and protection.

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